Originally posted by Glenn Kelly at casslynncatering.com on March 24, 2015, at 12:55 AM.

Playing an excellent host to your guest’s affairs requires undivided attention to detail of things outside of your sphere of immediate awareness. The best of the best in the hospitality industry know that their interests come second to all patrons in attendance. In the case of catering to weddings. this point is particularly paramount due to the typically ever-demanding needs of an overwhelmed bride-to-be.

A fair amount of priority juggling happens behind the scenes of any big event. Organizers of an event must be sure to greet all in attendance upon arrival, find proper seating or placement for said guests and relay messages to the service crew on what needs to be done where, when and in what order. The service crew, whether it be those working on providing excellent cuisine for the night’s festivities, the photographers in charge of documenting the proceedings as visually pleasingly as possible or even the cleanup crew all must constantly work to find a happy medium between seeing to it that everyone in attendance is cared for and attended to appropriately but also that the needs of organizers are met accordingly.

The beauty of any functioning hosted gathering is that everyone involved is typically striving towards one common goal, to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Even the honored guests themselves are typically expected to be as sociably agreeable amongst each other as possible and each one of them adheres to their unspoken code of conduct to keep things humming along smoothly. When everything that needs to be in place aligns properly certain indescribable magic happens and the whir of activity in the air stirs up a cooperative excitement that makes everyone oblivious to their duties and just enjoy themselves while still yet acting in a fashion congruent with everyone else’s expectations of the night. The results are a perfectly coordinated event in which the demands of all in attendance are not only met but exceeded with memories that will last a lifetime.

We love helping make this kind of magic happen for people from all walks of life at Cass-Lynn and would treasure the opportunity to show you exactly what we mean. Have a scroll through our blog to get a feel for just how committed we are at Cass-Lynn Catering to providing anyone with enough interest to read through it an amazing catered experience. We work tirelessly to be the very best in the industry in Winnipeg by not only honing our skills with every job we take but by letting people know what a wonderful experience it is to be catered to by us.